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Magnesium-carbon bricks are made of burnt magnesia (or fused magnesite) and carbon materials (mainly crystalline graphite), which are prepared by using resin as binding agent. In order to improve the oxidation resistance, the l and other antioxidants are often added.

Magnesium-carbon bricks are used in high temperature to form a carbon skeleton. Since magnesium oxide and carbon do not produce mutual solubility, good fire resistance of the original components is retained. Carbon thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient and elastic coefficient, high temperature can effectively prevent spalling and slag penetration, not easy to happen flake structure, greatly changed the magnesia refractory morphic structure spalling caused by slag penetration the Achilles‘ heel. In addition, carbon is not wettability to slag, and the corrosion resistance is good. This series of characteristics of magnesium-carbon brick make it an ideal lining material for thermal shock stability, corrosion resistance and peeling. Magnesium carbon brick is widely used in steelmaking converter, electric arc furnace, steel barrel, furnace and other key parts. It made of high
quality bauxite cer and made of fused corundum, fused magnesia alumina magnesia carbon brick, small coefficient of thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation. A proper residual expansion are used in ladle, the bottom wall, the bottom of the bag and free of good material. The performance of magnesium-alumina carbon brick is between magnesia carbon brick and alumina magnesia carbon brick. Magnesium-calcium carbon brick is made of high quality magnesia, dolomite sand and synthetic magnesia dolomite sand. Good slag resistance, more stable in high temperature vacuum, can clean molten steel. It is suitable for VOD furnace, AOD furnace and LF furnace.

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